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For more than a year in 2014-2015, I bumped along washboard dirt roads following the Oklahoma Equine Dentistry team into million-dollar horse castles and rusted tin rescue barns as I learned the ins and outs of horse health from the mouth to the penis. The controversy that surrounds equine dentistry often pits owners against veterinarians, and in some cases, against veterinarian politicians.

From multiple notebooks and hours of audio recordings, I cobbled together a story for the amazing This Land Press. Horse Teeth and Heartbreak

It was more than a story about canine teeth and legislative bills. It was and still is a survivor story about two women who faced death, got back up and and clambered on again.

Edye Lucas lost two children in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. Carmen Hottel nearly lost her own life to cancer. Together, they tackle sexism, politics and the dangerous landscape of thousands of horse mouths.

Now that story is bound for a broader audience as a documentary film, Ifwisheswerehorsesdocumentary. We’re in the final days of our fundraising campaign and would love any support. If you want to keep up with our film crew and these amazing women, follow us on ifwisheswerehorsesfilm/Facebook

I’ve been a journalist long enough to know when a special story stumbles into your path, you give it life. We hope you come along for the ride.

Meet me: Sheilah Bright, a sucker for a story. I've been a journalist for 39 years after first publishing at age 14. Do the math. No, don't. My work has appeared in hundreds of newspapers and magazines. I spent 18 years writing advertising for People and TIME magazine. When I'm not traveling abroad, I bounce along the backroads of Oklahoma searching for some golden story nuggets as a contributing editor for This Land Press and Oklahoma Today.

Feel free to tell me what you think.

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