Some people think we hang on to junk forever in Oklahoma. Truth is, we do. Blame it on the Dust Bowl and Tornado Alley. When you’re used to so much stuff blowing away, you tend to pile it up in case you need to restock. When you get enough stuff, it’s time to build something out of it – like a fence constructed of hubcaps. Some might call it cheap. Oklahomans call it clever.

Meet me: Sheilah Bright, a sucker for a story. I've been a journalist for 39 years after first publishing at age 14. Do the math. No, don't. My work has appeared in hundreds of newspapers and magazines. I spent 18 years writing advertising for People and TIME magazine. When I'm not traveling abroad, I bounce along the backroads of Oklahoma searching for some golden story nuggets as a contributing editor for This Land Press and Oklahoma Today.

Feel free to tell me what you think.

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