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Gaze into the eyes of people long enough, and you begin to recognize the faraway look of longing. A dream. A desire. A memory.

When people know they are being photographed, they tighten their emotions. Wait long enough, perhaps on the seventh inhale or the unexpected yawn, and you can often catch a glimpse of their hearts by watching their eyes. On a mountain in Bhutan and a desert in India, there are mothers and fathers pondering the future of their sons and daughters. On an iceberg in Antarctica, there is a bird contemplating the danger of a world dressed in white. In classrooms around the world, there are teachers and students searching for an answer to the same question: What will happen next?

Pondering. Life would be so expressionless without it.

Meet me: Sheilah Bright, a sucker for a story. I've been a journalist for 39 years after first publishing at age 14. Do the math. No, don't. My work has appeared in hundreds of newspapers and magazines. I spent 18 years writing advertising for People and TIME magazine. When I'm not traveling abroad, I bounce along the backroads of Oklahoma searching for some golden story nuggets as a contributing editor for This Land Press and Oklahoma Today.

Feel free to tell me what you think.

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