In honor of Memorial Day, I unearthed a few cemetery photos from either my “Hoarders DeClutter By Decorating Graves” file or my “Tombstones Worth A Second Look” collection. Out of respect for the deceased, I’m withholding most of my sarcastic comments. I stored them next to my “How Many More Roadside Memorials Can Our Highways Endure?” drawer. Coming soon to a blog near you.

Special thanks to my cousins, Debbie, Rhonda and Denise, for their sharpshooter gravespotting skills during our most recent Oklahoma cemetery tour, narrated by my always entertaining Uncle James and Aunt Delilah. Who knew you could laugh so much while looking at dead people? Advanced ticket sales for next year’s event will be announced in February.

Enjoy this special music by singer/songwriter Al Duval. He has written what may be the perfect funeral song.

If you don’t think grave decorating has catapulted into a competitive sport, just take a gander below. Start the music please:

Ode to a ….beekeeper?

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