Reflecting on Cuba


I left Cuba a day too early – Dec. 16 – the day before the United States and Cuba announced plans to restore a  diplomatic relationship shredded by political and emotional events 50 years and more in the making. People will disagree about the decisions, question motives and speculate about why it took so long to at least begin to help a country trapped by time.

Answers seldom come coated in black and white but peel back the faded nostalgic dream world that makes Cuba so inviting to travelers and look at the people caught in mid-century monotony.

Just look.

Then decide who we have really been punishing.










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  1. Punishment will always be a double-edged and tricky sword to wield. What do you think will be the most important change to come out of the restoration of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba?

  2. Bien hecho, Sheilah. Photos akin to my years living in the bowels of Bogota and Buenaventura, Colombia. A line from an old poem I wrote: “Che’s on the mudflaps of every old bus.” Good and timely piece, and thanks again.

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