If wishes were horses

From my farm in Oklahoma, I watch storm clouds stampede across the sky with a trail of the palest of blue and yellow-tinged white. We are sorrowful today – April 19 – as Oklahomans remember April 19, 1995.

I am tied to the Oklahoma City bombing because I know people who lost much on that day. I am tied to the Oklahoma City bombing because April 19th is my wedding anniversary. Our paths cross often as they did last year when a chance encounter with a horse dentist taught me yet another lesson about survival.

If on this day – April 19th – you are struggling like me to make sense of why life can sometimes founder, read about an equine dentist who lost two kids in 1995 and still lights up lives with her smile: http://thislandpress.com/04/16/2015/horse-teeth-and-heartbreak/


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