Lone Man’s Land stirring up more than dust

It’s unsettling as the dry Panhandle wind when after years of writing the news, you become it.

A project – a town, really – captured my heart in 2011. It held on tight, wouldn’t give up on me or my documentary partner, Ezra Gentle, as we struggled to see how we could bend a few dollars into a film worthy of telling the story of Kenton, Oklahoma.

And now we are here. Of all the audiences that will see our film, we showed it to the ones who mattered most this past weekend. As I sat behind a row of cowboys with their “going to town” cowboy hats, I watched them chuckle, elbow one of our stars and then wipe away tears with a bandana.

It was all the applause we needed.

Lone Man's Land

We’re sending our baby into theaters around the region and then, hopefully, beyond. You follow our trail through our website: http://www.lonemansland.com and on Facebook.

And in the “Hometown girl does good category” that makes me want squirm a little, here you go:

Former editor makes big screen debut

Oklahoma filmmakers bring their works to Circle Cinema


If you have a theater connection, a rodeo, a film festival or any other venue that might want to cowboy up with our film, let me know. Here’s a preview:

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  1. Judging from everything else I’ve seen you do, this is bound to be great! Seems it would be an easy jump for you from photo journalist to documentary maker. Look forward to seeing the film.

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